Dates for Workshops with Schools Confirmed!

Hi all,

Together with our own case studies and research, we are also working on coordinating and delivering a series of school workshops later in May and in the run up to this year’s WW1 themed Govan Fair. These workshops will include:

  • A visual presentation and sharing of findings based on the research we have been carrying out into Govanites enlisted in WW1, the social and economic circumstances of the period, school life and the history of the Govan Fair (revived in 1920 by the Govan Old Club).
  • Research sessions and re-enactment activities where we encourage pupils to really engage with the themes and research by undertaking their own into the history of their school during WW1 years.

Our offer of these sessions have been extremely popular and we are so far scheduled to deliver 12 sessions – fantastic!!

On May 1st, we will be visiting St Constantine’s Primary; May 6th, we will be visiting Lorne Street Primary (a school with a deeply rich history); May 8th, Craigton Primary; May 11th, Ibrox primary and May 13th, St Saviour’s primary (the 2015 Govan Fair Queen is from this very school).

Watch this space for more updates and for copies of our  upcoming presentation and findings!


We are grateful for the support of:

Gratefully supported by:


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