School Workshops – Over, but not forgotten

Hey readers,

Apologies or the lack of updates the past couple of weeks. The team have been busy over the past few weeks organising, co-ordinating and delivering a series of workshops and sessions (12!) at local primary schools across Govan and Ibrox. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive! A HUGE thank you to Shanice, our workshop researcher and co-ordinator; our content co-ordinator (and presenter!) David; our researcher and presenter Iain and our volunteer co-ordinator Emma for delivering these sessions!

The schools we attended, both modern and historic, were chosen with a specific goal in mind: Our project is one not of re-capturing or re-telling stories which have already been told or have already a place in history, but more to truly bring to light the histories, experiences and stories of Govanites during WW1; those that may have either lain unfortunately forgotten or have faded into the midst of time. Not only were some of the primary schools opened under the Govan Parish School Board and BEFORE Govan was annexed by Glasgow (Craigton Primary school was opened in 1910 and Ibrox opened in 1912), St Saviour’s primary hosts the queen of the Govan Fair this year (we visited that very class!).


At the workshops, we delivered our presentation (which can be seen on a previous post); got the kids to make their own commemorative style badges (check out our pictures!); engaged the kids in an interactive ‘drill’ or P.E lesson  during the time of WW1 and Graham Hunter kindly displayed his fantastic WW1 collection and memorabilia to the kids!

A truly warming and engaging experience – one that we will certainly not forget.

Check out some of our photos of the workshops below!

presentation1  presentation2



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