Session with Dr Irene O’ Brien at Mitchell Library and Updates!

Last Wednesday, 8th of April, we had a wonderfully thought provoking session with Dr Irene O’Brien at the Mitchell Library. This has been our fourth session at a research facility (and it certainly won’t be our last!); the first to the Mitchell library back in very early March; The second to Elder Library archives to view the Govan Press on Microfilm. The third to both Fairfield Heritage Centre (where our research is being displayed!) and war memorials at Govan Old Parish Church. Unfortunately, due to understandable rules regarding the prohibited use of mobile phone devices and cameras, we were unable to take pictures inside the archives…


Despite this, however, we will be updating the blog with our case studies, research etc regularly (so you haven’t missed anything).

Dr Irene O’Brien is the senior archivist there and very kindly showed us how we could better navigate the archives to suit our own research. She, together with our young researcher, Mark (to the right of this picture), are very keen on the history of shipbuilding in Govan during the time of WW1 and she showed us naval records during that time, including a mention of the HM Vanguard. Mark has been working hard to polish his case studies on this (so watch this space!).

Not only are we planning a visit to the Mitchell again tomorrow, we are also organising a visit to Scotland Street School Museum very soon (in the run up to our school workshops happening in early – late May).

In addition, we have been invited to attend the Govan Reminiscence Group members again to interview members next week. We will upload their oral histories on this blog very soon and also plan to play them at our exhibition on May 21st and after the Govan Fair.

We also had our third digital media session with the lovely Tommy Tapp (check out his bio here ). The first two sessions held in late February/ Mid March were all devoted to getting our blog up and running. This time, we got to grips with interview techniques (to prepare us for our interviews with members of Govan Reminiscence Group) and he showed us how to use the camera, tascam (for recording sound) and microphones – great for us who are looking for a bit more media production based experience.

Stay tuned!


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